Beijing Server Room

Server room overview Geological location Dexin Building, Building D2, No.10, Jiuxianqiao North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Number of cabinets 1000 pcs
Characteristics   Beijing server room
Outlet bandwidth   50G
Power supply security Access to grid At least two 10KV mains to the machine room, with a total capacity of 13000KVA
UPS Dual redundancy (N+1), 15 minutes at full load
Emergency power supply Six Mercedes-Benz LTU 6000KW diesel engines, working at full load for 72 hours
Fire protection system Fire protection The fire protection system is separated from the original fire protection system of the building
Fire monitoring Fire alarm system, smoke sensing system, temperature sensing system, fire extinguishing system, FM200 gas fire extinguishing system
Security system 200 monitoring probes, duty engineer 24-hour security inspection
Power system Water cooling unit The water-cooled unit is 4 main and 2 standby, which is a double pipeline.
Computer room air 70 indoor units with a cooling capacity of 7000Kw
Temperature Summer 23℃±2℃ Winter 20℃±2℃
Technical support   7*24 hotline service
Quality certification Quality assurance SLA(SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT)
Management system certification ISO20000 and ISO27000