Mitigating Organization’s concerns about usability, security and connectivity
The limitations and challenges faced by public and private cloud lead to the demand for a new alternative that can be a hybrid bearing the merits of both models. Not only can the hybrid showcase the high flexibility and affordability of public cloud, it can also enjoy the protection of high standard data security like that offered by private cloud. Hybrid clouds have become the way to go for tailoring exclusively to each of our client’s needs.

Interconnection of various cloud dedicated networks through heterogeneous hybrid networking can provide enterprises (including public and private clouds) with exclusive cloud access services, whether point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, or multipoint-to-multipoint, which are fast, resilient, on-demand and safely isolated, for interconnecting heterogeneous hybrid clouds, and value-added services such as double-plane path separation. These services are available for realizing heterogeneous hybrid networking, so that cloud users at different places in different network environments may interact mutually.



Multiple Location data backup: Important Data safety measure
As the scale of our client expands, the data backup mechanism devised at the beginning can no longer meet the needs of the business in terms of practicality, real-time performance and security. In addition, the copy of backup data can be destroyed due to various reasons such as earthquake, fire and loss. Multiple location data backup can enhance the resistance of our data to fall victim to the above threats.

Hybrid Cloud for Enterprise

Multiple Location data backup

Cloud access dedicated to multi-cloud-platform interconnectivity