Huaxin Park Server Room

Server room overview Geological location In the east 2nd ring area, No. 31 of Kefeng Road., Guangzhou Science City
Area 31,000m2
Number of cabinets 4,000pcs
Standard T3+, 5-star level in China
Characteristics   A neutral server room which works as a hub that gathers many dedicated bandwidths
Outlet bandwidth   400G
Power supply security Access to grid Independent dual-circuit mains of 60,000kVA
UPS 2N redundancy configuration, backup time of 15 minutes under full load in one direction.
Emergency power supply Caterpillar N+1 redundancy, supporting 8 hours’ operation under full load
Fire protection system Fire protection 5 sets of fire extinguishing systems
Dynamic environment monitoring system 3 sets of detection systems
Security system A multi-level security system
Power system Water cooling unit Centrifugal water cooling unit with N+1 redundancy
Computer room air conditioner Water cooling + air cooling, N+2 redundancy
Cooling tower/water make-up Dual-circuit municipal water make-up+ make-up water from wells
Technical support   7*24 hotline service
Quality certification Quality assurance SLA(SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT)
Management system certification ISO20000 and ISO27000