Southern Base

Server room overview Geological location No. 333 of Gaotang Industrial Zone, Tianhe Science and Technology Park, Guangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone
Area 26,124m2
Number of cabinets 1,212pcs
Standard T3+
Hardware equipment   One of the core nodes of the two major businesses in China Mobile all over China
Outlet bandwidth   ≥60G; the total bandwidth of China Telecom, China Unicom and Cernet, etc. is not less than 2G.
Power supply security Access to grid First-class mains led in independently in dual circuits
UPS Operation for more than 1 hour under the system load designed
Emergency power supply Diesel generators in N+1 configuration, 2 (N+1) in parallel with redundancy for the whole process
Power system Computer room air conditioner Special air conditioner for the server room, temperature change rate less than 5℃/h
Temperature 21-25℃
Security system Technical support 7*24 hotline service
Surveillance system Network security and management system
Quality certification Quality assurance SLA(SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT)
Management system certification ISO20000 and ISO27000